Perihelion is a solo record written, recorded, arranged and produced by electronic producer Planeswalker. The EP features four tracks over 20 minutes, focusing on a diverse pallet of sounds with sampled strings, field recordings, textures, synthesizers and electronic instruments. 

With a curiosity for blending recorded and synthesised sound, Planeswalker is an electronic producer and sound artist who takes his audience on an explorative journey. Eclectic and ambitious, his artistic project combines sound, art and design – making up live sets that are highly immersive and emotive. Planeswalker also sits in the realm of creating space for performance and other interdisciplinary explorations.

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“[Perihelion] was created at a time when I’ve chosen to channel my efforts and energy into producing and creating outwardly. By seeking externally in my artistic practice, I feel a sense of coming into myself – cutting archetypes that have affected me more deeply than I’ve been conscious about. It’s an exciting realm to be in. I can’t wait to share my own version of a sound experience that’s artistically treated in terms of sound, visual design and performance.” — Planeswalker

His methodology of conjuring multiple visual worlds through sonic blends and sensory experiences, living between the experimental, independent and commercial, takes cues from acclaimed artists like Arca, Holly Herndon, Oneohtrix Point Never and SOPHIE.